A. Publication of specified advertising sizes and schedules is subject to this agreement between a representative of the advertiser and/or agency (hereinafter “advertiser”) and Shop Local Augusta (hereinafter “publisher”). Every effort will be made by the publisher to afford advertising in the position desired; however, under no circumstances is position guaranteed and advertising must be paid for regardless of position.

B. Advertising Rate. The advertiser agrees to pay publisher $99/month for advertisement on the Shop Local Augusta website for a 300×300 sidebar ad, or $129 per month for a 728×90 top of content ad (excluding the home page). Advertisement purchase runs on a monthly subscription and your ad will continue to run as long as your subscription is up-to-date. 

C. Payment for Advertising. Advertiser must submit payment for their ad at the time advertising materials are submitted.

  • Payment occurs monthly until cancelled by the Publisher or the Advertiser.
  • Payment failure will result in cancellation of the advertisement subscription.
    • If the automatic monthly payment is unsuccessful, we will notify you and request that you update the payment method attached to the subscription.
    • We will automatically retry the payment in 48 hours.
    • If the payment fails 3 times your subscription will be cancelled and you must create a new subscription to advertise on Shop Local Augusta.
    • Accounts with repeated payment failures may be excluded from advertising on Shop Local Augusta

D. Cancellation.
1. Publisher reserves the right to cancel this contract for any reason at any time without penalty. Advertiser may cancel this agreement by written notice to or cancelling their payment subscription online through the Stripe client portal.

2. Whenever cancellation occurs, publisher will provide advertiser with the written acknowledgment of said cancellation. No refunds will be provided.

E. Costs of Collection. In the event the advertiser fails to pay the sums due the publisher in the amounts and at the times they become due according to this contract, the advertiser agrees to pay reasonable costs of collection incurred by the publisher, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and court costs should the collection be referred to an attorney or assigned for collection.

F. Advertiser Liability and Indemnification. The advertiser agrees that the publisher acts on behalf of the advertiser in performing the services described in this contract and the attached policies which are a part of this contract. All copy is subject to approval of the publisher. Advertiser and agencies assume the liability for all contents of advertisements printed and responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher. If the publisher prepares and publishes advertising for the advertiser, or publishes camera-ready advertising prepared by the advertiser, the advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the publisher harmless from any and all liability, claims, demands, or damages arising out of the advertising or on behalf of the advertiser. Such indemnity includes but is not limited to, the provision of a defense to any actions or claims and the payment of costs and/or attorney’s fees in connection therewith.

G. Publisher Liability. The sole liability and obligation of the publisher for any failure or refusal to publish any advertisement shall be to refund any amounts paid by the advertiser to the publisher for such services. The liability and obligation of the publisher for any other breach of the terms, provisions and conditions contained in this agreement, including without limitation any mistake or error in a published advertisement, any late or untimely publication of an advertisement, shall not exceed the sum of any amounts paid by the advertiser to the publisher for such services. In no event shall the publisher be liable to the advertiser or to any other person, firm or other entity for any further damages of any kind arising from any breach of such terms and conditions or from any act or omission of the publisher with respect to any advertisement including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages.

H. Advertiser Warranty. Advertiser represents and warrants by submission of advertising to the publisher hereunder, that all the facts stated in such advertising are and will be true and correct, and that therein there will be no libel and no invasion of privacy with the respect to any person, firm, corporation or other entity, and advertiser will indemnify and hold harmless from any claim of libel or invasion of privacy, and against recovery, fee, or expenses which may arise out of or be caused by any such claim.

I. Governing Law. The provisions of this agreement between the advertiser and the publisher shall be governed by the laws of the state of Georgia.